Robocoin Ambassador Program
Earn $10,000 per Robocoin ATM sold.
Ambassadors are tasked with finding Robocoin Operators, guiding them through the purchase process, closing the deal, then helping market and spread the word on the Robocoins they purchase. 

For each Robocoin you sell you'll earn 25% of our fee revenue until you've collected the full $10,000 USD in Bitcoin.
Join the Team
You love bitcoin. You understand why Robocoin is significant. You're dialed in to your local business community and you understand how incredible of an entrepreneurial opportunity Robocoin Operations can be.
What We Expect
You aren’t just a Robocoin Ambassador, but you’re an ambassador for bitcoin. Your job is to source incredible operators, teach them about Robocoin and help close the deal. 

You will learn everything there is about Robocoin and Bitcoin. 

You don’t just make the sale and walk away. You add value to your referred operator every step of the way. Your job is to make their life easier, not just during the sale but after the sale. Market their machine. Share their progress.

* Ambassador program only available in North America and Europe.
* Individuals and businesses can be either Robocoin Operators or Ambassadors, but not both.
Become an Ambassador

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